12 LEGIONS – Potential NFT Game Project has been successfully listed and will launch INO combined Mainet at the end of Q4 2021, with a massive explosion expected.


Bangkok, Thailand – In the first funding rounds, 12 Legions announced Kardia Ventures as the pioneer strategic investor for this project. Kardia Ventures is a dedicated fund that focuses on cryptocurrencies and serves as the Investment Arm for KardiaChain. It is known that KardiaChain is the leading blockchain technology company in Vietnam, the company that creates the first interactive blockchain in Southeast Asia. With this special partnership, 12 Legions promises to be able to quickly achieve its goals and make 12 Legions one of the top Metaverse GameFi projects in the world.

1. Project overview

Following the rapid advancement of technology, NFT games with few entertaining components and poor quality are increasingly fading away. Only P2E games with meticulous graphics, smart logic, and a variety of amusement features caught the majority of players’ eyes.

Aiming to be a part of the new and exciting NFT game field and blockchain industry, Twelve Legions have been developed.

Twelve Legions is a turn-based strategy game in which characters are represented by unique NFTs on a blockchain system.

There are two fundamental tokens in Twelve Legions:

  • The chaos of Twelve Legions token (CTL) – This is a token for project management and system development.
  • Pieces of Materials (POM) – An in-game token. POM will be used to reward players participating in in-game events.

Each character in the game has a unique appearance, attributes, and characteristics. On the on-chain system, they are represented as NFTs and cannot be tampered with. Players will need to choose the correct game characters and equipment for the gameplay in order to win and earn tokens.

2. About 12 Legions Story

12 Legions represents 12 Lands in the game. The developers of the game wanted to create an open world, with fantasy lands, where players can become Lords, ruling their lands. Make rules, mine resources, trade, recruit troops, summon Heroes and of course, explore & conquer new lands.

With Blockchain and NFT technology, 12 Legions will make in-game rewards worthy with users’ efforts and make everything more transparent and fair.

In the 1st release, there will be 03 classes WARRIOR, ARCHER and CLERIC, 03 more will come shortly in the next update. In the future, 12 Legions intends to provide additional advanced classes. Each character in the game has its appearance, attributes and characteristics. On the on-chain system, they are represented as NFTs and cannot be tampered with.

Players will need to choose the correct game characters and equipment for the gameplay in order to win and earn tokens.

3. IDO Overview

At the beginning of December, 12 Legions’ IDO events on all 3 platforms GameStarter, Starter, Starpunk has been successfully completed and sold out in just 1 hour. $CTL also achieved ATH 25X after listing on PancakeSwap and that is a remarkable amount.

Right now, 12 Legions has already released the Official Alpha Test product, not just a promise. The marketplace and server system is ready for testing on a limited scale (over 5k -10k users).

4. Upcoming Events

The project recently announced that the 12 Legions INO event will take place on December 28 at 1 pm UTC.

At the INO event, will be selling the essential equipment for players to utilize in the Official Version (Mainnet Version) of 12 Legions:

  • Beginner’s Bundle
  • Equipment Sets
  • Blueprints

All items will be sold using CTL – Project Governance Token.

In addition, immediately after the INO Event, the Official Version will be launched, allowing gamers to enjoy while earning money. In the first stage, the expected daily income will be 15-7 percent. After 1-2 weeks, players will begin to benefit.

5. Summary

In addition, 12 Legions has specific plans noted in the roadmap which players can easily find on their website (https://12legions.io/)

12 Legions have a strategic partnership with big investment funds.

12 Legions has been working on a lot of cool features for every user to monetize & have fun in the 12 Legions ecosystem. Here are some features of the 12 Legions game: World map, Village & Clans, Arena Mode (PvP), etc.

12 Legions’ goal is to aim for a balanced ecosystem between earning and burning tokens, as well as to establish a strategy to minimize token inflation and assure user benefit.

Social Links

Facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/12LegionsIO/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/12LegionsIO

Telegram News: https://t.me/TwelveLegionsChannel

Telegram Group: https://t.me/TwelveLegions

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/EYPMf4xKV8

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd3litR79SVnD51A5nVdtAg

Website: https://12legions.io/

Media Contacts

Company Name / Brand Name: 12 Legions

Contact Person: CEO Ben Lee

Company E-mail: business@12legions.io


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