BLACK SERIES CAMPER On the Grid and featured on NASDAQ’s big screen


BLACK SERIES Camper was displayed on the NASDAQ screen, showing itself to the world in Times Square, New York on July 14, 2021 – U.S. Eastern Standard time.


Being on the NASDAQ screen is a great honor of a global leader and it’s also one way of showing the strength and brand image of Black Series. The presentation of Black Series on the NASDAQ screen in Times Square, shows not only that the product quality and the service ability of Black Series has been recognized by customers, but also shows the company’s strength and ambition to the world.

High-end environmentally friendly Black Series Campers have sold well in Europe, the United States and throughout the world, with excellent quality, technical innovation, 15 year warranty frame and other quality services to obtain consumers’ recognition.


With over ten years of production and manufacturing experience, in the field of off-road trailer production, along with upgraded R&D and off-road performance testing. Black Series Campers have been distributed in many countries around the world.

Embracing the future, the Black Series Campers always sense new trends, re-imagine travel destinations to rediscover their journey. Black Series Campers not only bring high-performance trailers to off-roaders, but also provide home-like comfort and high-quality outdoor experience.

Black Series Campers are tough off-road trailers.  Built using a strong aluminum chassis with a 15 year warranty.  Black Series Camper’s come equipped with independent suspension and rugged all terrain tires.  All safety features meet or exceed DOT standards, making the campers roadworthy, both on the pavement and on the trail.  

Black Series Campers can contain all travelers living essentials,including appliances, drinking water, dining table, bed, sofa, lavatory and sink.  Even while working in the field or on vacation travelers can still feel at home by using Black Series Campers advanced battery system, connected to a reliable solar panel system and full gas powered outdoor kitchen. Black Series Campers are sure to provide the best travel experience possible.


The United States is expansive and driving around the country is one way to experience what America has to offer, both on the road and off-grid. When campgrounds are difficult to find, the Black Series Camper battery system lets travelers camp anywhere and stay longer. It can go wherever travelers go, travelers need only to re-imagine their destination.

Travelers will feel liberated to have a Black Series camper on their journey!If you are into travelling, start exploring new experiences with Black Series camper now!

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