Why so Confident ? The Story behind E-cigarette Brand COEE


While the industry is becoming more standardized, the e-cigarette market will also usher in many new brands. Among them, the new brand COEE, which held a brand launch conference on April 8th, is the most eye-catching.

Cornerstone Customer

By observing the exposed posters of the press conference, it is not difficult to find that COEE held its brand press conference on April 8th, while it will also conduct the “Cornerstone Customer Signing Ceremony”. In just four words, it reveals a lot of information.

Most people may not realize how unique of this.Generally speaking, owing to the new brand has just been established, and their product has not been verified, the distributor will wait until the launch conference to experience the product and evaluate the profit margin before starting to consider signing a contract to sell and promote the product. Therefore, most new brands will only launch their own new products at the press conference, and no cornerstone customers will sign contracts.

COEE was able to conduct the signing ceremony of the cornerstone customers at the same time as the first brand launch event, indicating that COEE had already obtained widespread recognition and intention cooperation from channel vendors before the launch, which was extremely rare in the past.

According to an informed source, it’s all due to the unusual team background behind COEE. COEE already has a solid partner base before its release, and its unique vendor integration strategy plus regional brand operation positioning has also gained the general support of channel vendors, and many powerful channel vendors have chosen to become COEE’s cornerstone customers.

With such a good channel foundation, although COEE is a start-up brand, its starting point is completely different from that of ordinary start-ups, and the background of its entrepreneurial team should not be underestimated.

The top mobile phone brand trader team

We have learned that COEE is an e-cigarette subsidiary of Shenzhen STARPLUS Technology Co., Ltd, which was established in January 2021. Its founding core team mainly comes from a head phone brand.

Unlike the general founding team that has only a few founders to cooperate and start a business, behind COEE is a complete and mature organizational team that has achieved long-term success. It has fought in the highly competitive mobile phone market for more than ten years and once won the first place in the mobile phone market share.

At the same time, this core team recruits elites, brings together excellent talents in the Internet, FMCG, and fashion products, and forms an ultra-luxury entrepreneurship that is familiar with the ecological chain of electronic products and FMCG, and has a strong ability to integrate the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain team.

Compared with the general new brands, the COEE team has very strong successful practical experience in market trend insight, product planning, supply chain management, channel sales and other fields. The team has a high degree of trust and tacit understanding after years of collaborative operations. COEE has received a large number of cornerstone customers before the conference and is inseparable from this.


We have learned that , one of the values that the COEE team upholds is long-termism and continuous struggle. Not pursuing short-term profiteering and not pursuing short-term arbitrage is the core cultural value of the COEE team.

Previously, due to the unclear definition of e-cigarettes and the lack of clear norms and supervision, many e-cigarette enterprises fell into the short-sighted and fickle situation, and many short-term speculators who intended to make a quick buck and go in pursuit of quick money emerged, resulting in a lot of problems and bringing a lot of controversy to the industry.

Now the new regulations are about to be implemented, the e-cigarette industry is developing towards standardization and compliance, and the e-cigarette industry will also be rectified and reformed. Only enterprises that attach importance to product quality, take root in channels and strengthen customer service can go further, and long-term practitioners can glow with long-term vitality of the brand.

If good channel advantages let COEE has a higher starting point, with successful combat experience of luxury team let COEE has a faster starting speed than others, then adhering to the long-term enterprise culture will let COEE go further.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for COEE, an e-cigarette brand created by such a channel-driven, long-termism team.

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